Dayman Album

Dayman Album (Devon/London)

My Nanna (maternal) had a photo album in her possession, which I now have.  I decided the best way to deal with it was to scan the back and front of every image, that way it can be shared with others in the hope that some of the images can be identified.

Some did have writing on, and I think some of this was added a long time afterwards as appear to be in biro.  I have located those with writing and attached them to the tree, but all of the rest, sadly I have no idea of any names.

The photo at the top, is a fun one, and seems rather odd and out of place with others in the album.  At first I thought it was maybe that my Gr grandfather (paternal) built the vehicle, but then it wouldn’t be in this album.  It does also seem to be more recent than many of the others in the album.  So maybe one that my grandfather built instead (Thomas Freeman Lugg)?  I searched around and can’t even find the business, so yet another dead end.

Oh well it is still a lovely album, and you never know one day something might turn up with a distant relative!