Edward Lugg 1854-1917 Blacksmith

Edward & Eleanor Lugg

Edward Lugg is my Gr grandfather, he was born in Dec 1854 and was baptised in Gunwalloe, Cornwall.  I have tracked his life through the census, he is living with his family in 1871 as a blacksmith in Berepper, part of Mawgan and all within a stones throw of Gunwalloe.  His father Thomas is a blacksmith also, I asume he learnt his trade from his father.

By 1881 he has married Eleanor Wilson (in 1879 age 25) and is living in 62 Hanley Road, Islington.  He is still a blacksmith and is joined by his brother William who is a wheelwright.  By 1891 he is in 97 Marlborough Road.

According to the electoral register, Edward owned the property and he rented out floors to family members.  William was always there; Grace Hendy Lugg his aunt stayed on and off, Cassimer Lugg (down as brother but is really his sisters child); Henry Lugg his younger brother – who returned to Cornwall.

The family (including my mother) continued to live in the property (each having a floor), until WW2 when the property suffered bomb damage, a nearby property was destroyed.

Edward formed a business in Holloway as a blacksmith that later became a coachbuilder “Lugg Bros” I am not certain when exactly they started building ‘carriages’, they used the premises under the railway arches at the back of Marlborough Road.  They are listed as Lugg Bros in 1908 as wheelwrights.

I have extracted some bullet points from his will:

I Edward Lugg of 97 Marlborough Road, Upper Holloway in the county of London, blacksmith.


  • William Joseph Robbins of 218 Strand
  • Wilson Lugg (son) 51 Duncombe Road, Hornsey Rise


  • Lydia Maud Lugg (daughter) leasehold house and contents “New Cottage” in Gunwalloe.
  • Remainder of property interest in Gunwalloe – equal shares to 4 sons.
  • My 2 sons Edward and Thomas Freeman equal shares in my business carried on by myself and my brother William, provided they pay Lydia Maud ten shillings a week for 1 year.
  • To Edward, Lydia Maud, Thomas Freeman & Wilson Lugg equal shares of 97 Marlborough road (mortgage now £250)
  • Lydia Maud Lugg contents of my private residence to distribute in accordance with my wishes.

He seemed to make some money as he built at least 3 cottages in Gunwalloe: New Cottage, Drop Anchor & Marlborough and family members were living in them.  On his death they were sold.  R J Wearne is married to his sister Annie, and it is their daughter that my mother and her sisters stayed with in 1939, Mum says he was a milkman and they ran a dairy shop.

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I also have a copy of the family history that was written by Eddie Lugg in 1992 Lugg History in Cornwall